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Spy Ninja Kits Shipping Update

In order to give you a more clearer information, we spoke to the manufacturer (Playmates) yesterday, they told us that they are receiving a shipment on November 30th, and after that, they will inmediately start to ship out every order.

With this new information, we can estimate that this shipment will be on our warehouse around December 7-10th, and after that we will start fulfilling every pre order, in the order they were received, so you should expect a tracking notification after those dates.

If something goes wrong with the manufacturer, and they are not able to fulfill our orders, and we cant ship your order by Dec 16th, you can choose to cancel and get a refund without any penalty or fee on any ninja kit order that said (November/December).


Update 12/3:

We received a batch of Ninja Kits, and we already shipped them out, so check for a shipping notification email, if you didnt get one, we are supposed to get a new batch next week.


Update 12/9:

A freight is coming our way, scheduled delivery date is 12/15, after that, we will fulfill every outstanding order, below is the freight tracking if you want to follow along:

Thank you